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Deemed the language of the Internet age, Go is designed built from the ground up to support modern distributed web software with cross-platform capabilities that compiles to numerous operating systems and CPU architectures via simple commands. With the ability to compile to native binaries Go makes it a breeze to deploy in production environments, 

Through the course of this programme, learners will be introduced to modern open source third party packages in Go to build a distributed application that will support several databases, establish efficient serial communications techniques, and construct an advanced web layer with templates, cookies, and web-sockets support.

Course Outline

This learning program introduces learners to module that requires one to know the basics of Go. It is recommended that learners have a comprehensive Go’s primary building blocks. This course is ideal for intermediate go developers. 

  • Get a comprehensive overview of the GO language  

  • Concepts in time series database with InfluxDB 

  • Build Go applications that can wok with MongoDB 

  • Dive into the Gorilla, web toolkit, REST APIs, Gorilla web-socket, and Gorilla Cookies. 

  • Comprehensive understanding of Hero template engine  


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