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15 interesting facts and statistics on Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a popular cloud computing platform offered by Amazon. The Pay-as-you-go data centers provide infrastructure for a huge portion of the World Wide Web. Amazon Web Services has become one of the key job providing areas in the IT industry. Let us look into a few interesting facts and statistics on AWS:

  • The global infrastructure of AWS comprises of 64 zones of availability spread across 21 worldwide regions! The numbers are increasing and Amazon plans to add 12 more to the list.
  • Amazon Web Services has over 70 services that include storage, computing, database, networking, application services, management, analytics, deployment, and mobile.
  • Amazon S3 sees a rise of 11% in data transfer per year on an average!
  • Usage of Amazon EC2 has witnessed a rise of a staggering 80% in the years 2017-2018!
  • The fastest growing service provided by AWS is Amazon Aurora which is a relational database engine.
  • AWS is famous for constantly adding new features to its list. There was a 40% increase in new AWS features and services with 722 new features and services added in a single year!
  • The rapid decrease of prices: AWS has decreased prices of its services at least as many as 60 times ever since its launch!
  • AWS has a global network of 19 Edge Locations and 11 Regional Edge Caches spread in 69 cities across 30 countries. Here is where AWS WAF, Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53 are offered from.
  • AWS has customers from over 1290 countries! The company has over a million active customers that include a whopping 5000 education institutions, 2000 government agencies, and over 127,500 nonprofit organizations.
  • AWS Data Services has increased by a staggering 96% in just a single year. This includes Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon ElastiCashe, Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift!
  • Majority of people are simply not aware of the domination AWS enjoys in the cloud computing space. AWS was officially launched in the year 2006. About 1/3rd of people who visit websites on the internet daily access websites which are powered by AWS!
  • Domination in the IaaS space: 81% of cloud infrastructure as a service of market share belongs to AWS while 10% belongs to Microsoft and 7% to IBM.
  • Eminent clients: The largest companies in the world like Netflix, Expedia, Reddit, and NSA use AWS to run their applications.
  • Since the year 2015, renewable energies were used by Amazon Web services.
  • On average, every minute, consumers view 7 million online videos, ask Siri 100,000 questions and buy $222,000 worth of items from Amazon as per recent research! All of this hosted on AWS!

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