Align Your Students to the IT Industry

Enterprises today prefer to hire skilled candidates who can be deployed on development activities from day one. With fresher recruitment strategy of “Hire – Train – Deploy” being steadily replaced by “Train – Hire – Deploy”, Talent On Demand has allowed employers to hire “Just-in-time” and “job-ready” talents right form the campuses. We help your students jump-start their corporate career and get abreast in trending technologies 200+ Fortune 500 recruiting enterprises are hiring for.

Explore a suite of products and services aimed to bridge the gap between the IT industry and academia, designed to supplement and complement university education with industry-oriented and focused programs that enhance employability quotient of students.
In a volatile and ever-evolving environment like that of the IT industry, mere formal educational qualifications are not enough. Organisations today, however, prioritize working with candidates with adept industry connect, hands-on experience, and can adapt to changing business requirements. With Academia Learning Solutions, we open doors to personalised industry-ready training sessions for engineering students, so that they don’t miss out on global career opportunities despite any social or educational constraints. We are constantly creating innovative and efficient ways for your students to align themselves to the IT industry effectively.

Integrated Learning Program
Expose students to real-world projects and make meaningful connections with the IT industry from the comforts of their academic environment. IIHT’s Integrated Learning program prepares students to foray into any IT organization and thrive with industry-ready training. Innovative methodologies like gamification, simulation and adventure based outbound learning are some of the unique styles used to bring in a great learning experience that leads into application.


While companies prefer to hire fresh tech graduates and train them to meet certain job role requirements, skill gap and the harrowing disconnect with the IT industry, often continues to remain a major challenge for recruiting fresh talents. Given that millennials will dominate the workforce in the next few years, it is imperative that organisations meet the job role requirements perfectly, hire for cultural fit and achieve competitive pay scale. Talent-On-Demand (ToD) is such an initiative by IIHT with the intent to orient and give students a a wider view of the IT industry. With IIHT as your ‘training and recruitment’ partners, you can onboard skilled candidates, trained in the latest technologies and are industry ready, and can be deployed for revenue-generation activities from day one.

Finishing School

Empower students to transition from being a student to a professional. We offer a suite of orientation training wherein the modules have been carefully designed to keep up with dynamic work environments. Our programs enable learners to be independent advocates of their own success by coalescing around an array of skills.