Bridging the gap between Opportunity and Employability.

Educational institutions have always played a critical role in aligning a learner with the industry needs. But the industry needs have changed, and in the recent years, the smart digital technology drives every business domain and operations. Constantly shifting demands within the industry means that a learner will need to learn, adapt, implement, and hone new skills to become – Employable.
With 27+ years of experience in providing individual and enterprise learning solutions, we understand what qualities, soft skills, technical skills, and capabilities the enterprises are looking for in their prospective employees. We are renowned for training and upskilling partners with multinational organizations such as Cognizant, Infosys, Capgemini, Wipro, and the likes. Over the years, we have provided modern learning solutions to enterprises and individuals to help them become better equipped and be future ready. Here’s some of our offerings to empower and make your learners ‘Employable.’
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The Crux of Unemployment

Recently an independent organization did a research on ‘Employability’ in India, and here’s a few numbers that help us see why there’s unemployment.
So there’s definitely a gap between the industry demands and industry alignment. Although, the fresh degree holder may have the certificates, our industry demands much more in this fast-paced economy.

Our Offerings

Educational institutions have powerhouse of great instructors and tons of experience in working with learners. We help augment your offerings and empower the learner to be completely ready for a job as they step out of the institutions. Here’s how we help you achieve your goal.
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Comprehensive Library

Learners have the freedom to choose from over 1500+ courses. This library is with keeping the current trends, and the upcoming demands in the industry. Learners can define their own learning path and be future ready.
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Code Gym

Once a learner is warmed up with the course, he/she will get access to 50+ live coding assignments. The assignments are graded throughout the process to help the coder in their learning paths.
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Developers need full stack program to learn and experiment with what they have learned. In this offering, customized labs are created on the cloud technology for learners to access full stack program.

Helping students succeed

Gone are the days where it was enough for a fresh joinee to only know about the relevant technology. These days, employers are looking for people who can demonstrate their skills and get the work done. Regardless of how good of a theory someone knows, at the end of the day, employers are looking for practical knowledge and the ability to showcase that in real-life scenarios. The above face stands true for the ones aspiring to work in the IT Industry. Our Academic Learning Solutions helps young learners align with the industry requirements and fill the vacuum.
Talent on Demand

Tailor a customized learning program for your students.

Talent on Demand