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Empower students to enrol in interactive courses in latest technologies, build real-time projects, and gain expertise in top skills. Explore a platform where students not just learn, but discover how technologies work by hands-on experimentation within the courses.
Tech Catalogue
Tech Catalogue

Unleash your full potential with our Tech Catalogue

Gain access to the library of 800+ top shelf, expert-led courses. Learn technologies and skills that you will use on the job, work on real-time projects, solve queries, and earn certifications on completion.
Learn by doing - Tech Catalogue

Learn by Doing

Explore and learn how to apply technologies using real developer environment
Learn At your pace - Tech Catalogue

Set your own Pace

Get complete flexibility through self-paced courses. Learn anything, anytime
Save money - Tech Catalogue

Multi-role Skilling

Learn multiple skills through multiple courses all without spending more

Get Certified

Earn certificates for every course as you complete

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Showcase your skills and achievements with certificates

Techademy’s built in assessments lets you test your knowledge and application of the skills you have learned. So, when you finish a course, you don’t earn just another certificate, you also earn practical application of on-the job skills.
Assessments and Certificate

Tailor a customized learning program for your students.

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