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Empower students to enrol in interactive courses in latest technologies, build real-time projects, and gain expertise in top skills. Explore a platform where students not just learn, but discover how technologies work by hands-on experimentation within the courses.
Tech Catalogue
Tech Catalogue

Unleash your full potential with our Tech Catalogue

Gain access to the library of 3000+ top shelf, expert-led courses. Learn technologies and skills that you will use on the job, work on real-time projects, solve queries, and earn certifications on completion.

Learn by doing - Tech Catalogue

Learn by Doing

Explore and learn how to apply technologies using real developer environment
Learn At your pace - Tech Catalogue

Set your own Pace

Get complete flexibility through self-paced courses. Learn anything, anytime
Save money - Tech Catalogue

Multi-role Skilling

Learn multiple skills through multiple courses all without spending more

Get Certified

Earn certificates for every course as you complete

Discover what you can learn at Techademy

Web Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Technologies

Machine Learning


Big Data

Cyber Security

Data Science





Plans & Pricing:

₹700 Per Month
₹1500 Per Quarter
₹4500 Per Year

Terms & Conditions:

  • The price is per student and all prices are exclusive of taxes.
  • The students will be entitled for 10% discount for registering Quarterly and 20% discount for registering Yearly for all registrations before 20th Nov 2021
  • The student get access to all 3500+ courses in the portal

Showcase your skills and achievements with certificates

Techademy’s built in assessments lets you test your knowledge and application of the skills you have learned. So, when you finish a course, you don’t earn just another certificate, you also earn practical application of on-the job skills.
Assessments and Certificate

Tailor a customized learning program for your students.

Sandbox Environment

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