How about recruiting candidates trained for the specific job role?​

Redefine your talent development and acquisition strategy. ​
Academia Learning Solutions is IIHT’s initiative to bridge the gap between the IT industry and academia. We at IIHT supplement and complement college education by way of industry-oriented, focused programmes that enhance the employability quotient of students. We accomplish this by equipping them with project/ technology specific technical and domain knowhow through customised programs that ensure talent is billable from day one.

Deploy Skilled Freshers on Tech Roles

Overcome the barriers of talent development and acquisition by recruiting candidates specific to your enterprise architecture
No overhead cost towards resource
No overhead cost towards resource identification & development of talent
Eliminates the need for training infrastructure and shadow
Eliminates the need for training infrastructure and shadow/bench cost
Increased staff utilization
Increased staff utilization
Reskilling Session
Reskilling sessions and several assessments ensure quality of hire
Better control and predictability of skills
Better control and predictability of skills
market services & solutions
Improved time to market services & solutions
Reduction in Attrition
Reduction in attrition
Talent on Demand
Ready to start delivering FDFH (First Day First Hour)

Acquire Perfect Fits for your Profile. ​

Developing your own employee training courses in-house can be daunting. We work with your business to create custom learning experiences that match your needs and meet your goals, from initial program planning to launch.
Talent on Demand

Why IIHT? Our 27 Years of EDU-excellence is why!

IIHT, incorporated in 1993, is a leading IT talent transformation company and a technology evangelist in the retail and enterprise space. Having dedicated over two decades to creating learning paths that are closely aligned to the ever-evolving demands of the IT industry, IIHT has truly been a pioneer in technology training. At IIHT, we recognize the requirements of the IT industry and work towards tackling challenges that prevent the growth of both the enterprise and its workforce. All of IIHT’s learning strategies and platforms are thoughtfully designed, adopting all innovations in IT allowing, us to guarantee a rich and interactive learning experience
Talent on Demand

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Talent on Demand